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Group Sessions

Monday Evenings

1900hrs - 2030hrs

Wyvern Hall

High Street



BA12 0QP




Introduction to Shotokan Karate


Shotokan karate is a traditional martial art, giving an excellent source of aerobic exercise that helps improve fitness, flexibility, coordination, balance, health and general well being.

Regular training promotes a sound mental attitude that improves confidence, discipline and control.

Suitable for all ages, male and female. The club is affiliated to the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association, one of the fastest growing karate associations in the UK, which is a member of NAKMAS, the largest Martial arts governing body in the UK. All instructors have been screened by DBS and registered with TSKA and NAKMAS.


What You Will Need


The only kit you will require is a White Gi with a white belt which can be purchased for around £20 (The club can order a Gi if required).  New comers can wear clothing suitable for sport.


Information About The Club


The TSKA Wylye Club has been initiated by Simon Watson and started on the 30th of January 2006.


The Club is fully affiliated to TSKA and overseen by the NAKMAS governing body.


NAKMAS is an internationally recognized governing body.








The Club was established to bring Shotokan Karate to the area of Wylye. It has now expanded to the Tisbury area.


It will have hour and a half lessons on a weekday evening (At present Monday between 1900 hours and 2030 hours at Wylye )


Instructors and Club members will be expected to train in line with the NAKMAS Welfare Policy and Codes of Practice. This will ensure a high standard of safety and non discriminatory behavior.


Club members will require a licence which will ensure they are registered as a member, cover Insurance and enable them to progress through the grading and assessments.

Traditional Martial Art for todays world.